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Name:Isabelle Disraeli
Birthdate:Apr 14
Location:South Carolina, United States of America
Website:Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli
I'm just a very tired blogger who loves fanfiction (slash, femslash, and het) and all things fandom.

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agatha christie, agent carter, agents of shield, almost human, angel, anime, ant-man, arrow, artemis fowl, assassin's creed, bagginshield, band of brothers, big hero 6, black butler, black sails, blogging, brooklyn nine-nine, buffy the vampire slayer, captain america, captain marvel, cartinelli, catradora, coldflash, criminal minds, daredevil, dc universe, deadpool, district 9, drawing, due south, fanart, fanfic recs, fanfiction, fanfiction recommendations, fantastic beasts and where to find them, femslash, fiction, free!, from eroica with love, game of thrones, gay fanfic, gay fanfiction, generation kill, ghostbusters, good omens, gotham, gravity falls, haikyuu!!, hannibal, hannigram, harry potter, hawaii five-0, hbo war, het fanfic, het fanfiction, iron fist, iron husbands, iron man, j. r. r. tolkien, james bond, jane austen, jessica jones, johnlock, jorian, kingsman, kuroko no basket, lesbian fanfic, lesbian fanfiction, lgbtq fanfic, lgbtq fanfiction, lord of the rings, luke cage, manga, marvel cinematic universe, mattfoggy, mcdanno, mcshep, mcu, merlin, merthur, naruto, ocean's 8, once upon a time, one punch man, overwatch, pacific rim, percy jackson and the olympians, pet shop of horrors, reading, recommending fanfiction, rogue one, shadowhunters, she-ra, sherlock, slash fanfic, slash fanfiction, smallville, solo, spander, spider-man, spirk, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stormpilot, stucky, supergirl, supernatural, symbrock, teen wolf, the avengers, the flash, the hobbit, the magnificent seven, the man from uncle, the pacific, the silmarillion, thor, thorki, tolkien, until dawn, venom, voltron, x-men, yuri!!! on ice, zootopia
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